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  • Stone Flooring Repair

    Stone Floor Repair Frome, Bath and Surrounding Areas

    There is probably no better flooring material than natural stone. Stone is suitable for any room in any property, and ideal for exterior paved areas. It is robust, durable, hygienic and – if properly treated – easy to keep clean. A beautiful stone floor is a timeless classic, which fits as well with our modern lifestyle as it did in the Middle Ages.

    The problem with stone floors, particularly old unsealed stone flooring, is that being porous it is inclined to soak up stains and soiling (especially in bathrooms and kitchens where spillages are common) so no matter how much you mop or scrub, it never looks one hundred percent fresh. Years of accumulated scum from a build-up of commercial cleaning products, dust and dirt, and unprofessionally applied sealants can also dull the finish on stone flooring, so that its natural grain and patination is hidden under a layer of grime.

    Sadly many of the beautiful old stone floors in our historic buildings have been carpeted or tiled over, simply because they appeared to be past their prime. Gorgon Stone Conservation, based in the historic town of Frome and serving all areas across Somerset and Wiltshire, believe in giving tired stone floors of any age a new lease of life. Many of our clients have been amazed at the transformation we have wrought by bringing their old stone floors back from the brink.

    Years of experience combined with modern cleaning methods, chemicals and technologically advanced equipment enables our Gorgon Stone Conservation team to deep clean and rejuvenate any stone floor, finishing with an appropriate sealant which will ensure your floor stays bright and beautiful for the foreseeable future. We also offer maintenance packages which mean that we can give your stone floor regular care and attention.

    No matter what natural stone your floor is made of – granite, marble, slate, limestone, travertine or sandstone for example – we can restore its beautiful warm glow. We also repair and restore damaged and dirty grout. After cleansing and rinsing, the stone is conditioned and polished before we apply a suitable sealer to provide ongoing protection from stains and scratches, and easier day-to-day maintenance. Before we leave we will advise you on how to best care for your stone floor to keep it looking stylish.

    Gorgon Stone has a reputation for being a tidy, professional and reliable team, with a passion for stone conservation and restoration. Don’t hesitate to consult with us if you have a stone floor – old or new – that would benefit from some tender loving care.

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